Qigong as Addiction Recovery Treatment Supplement
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Tai Chi can be a form of Qigong when practiced mindfully, with breathing and relaxation visualization

aDDiction rehabilitation - Tai Chi & qigong

Addiction Rehabilitation and Qigong

Qigong Shows Promise in Helping to Control Withdrawal Symptoms for Cocaine Addicts
Individuals undergoing residential substance abuse treatment who received qigong therapy, compared to a similar duration of sham treatment, reported significantly reduced cravings for cocaine in response to viewing and handling items related to cocaine use. The qigong treatment group were also significantly less likely to have symptoms of depression than the sham treatment group ...
-- Massage Magazine, Feb. 25, 2013

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Effects of tai chi on the protracted abstinence syndrome: a time trial analysis.
results suggest that Tai Chi might have a positive effect on PAS, which future studies can confirm by using an expanded sample size, longer trial time, and more sensitive and specific indicators of psychological and physiological health.
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Substance Abuse
A Chinese RCT86 of 86 patients randomized to a Qigong treatment group, medication group, or no-treatment control group reported that participants in the Qigong group experienced comparatively fewer withdrawal symptoms.

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Beneficial effects of Tai Chi for amphetamine-type stimulant dependence: a pilot study.

... participants in the Tai Chi group improved by 10 s while there was no change in the standard care group ...

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United States Government Endorses Qigong and Tai Chi

... The U.S. Army enlists Tai Chi and Qigong in the fight against addiction ...

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Tai-Chi does much more for recovering addicts than basic exercise or meditation alone... a powerful complementary therapy for most maladies, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling ... research studies have shown that extensive drug use clogs the body with toxic debris which otherwise can lodge in the tissues for years. Tai-Chi’s active stimulation of the lymph system speeds up the physical recovery process, helping to remove impurities from the bloodstream. These impure toxins are some of the causes for natural unrest within the person, so by accelerating the release of these toxins through added alternative addiction treatment methods, individuals are provided a better chance to focus on recovery.
-- The Beachcomber - A Private Rehabilitation Center


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