documenting your World Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Kung) Day event by photo/videoing your event  

Video Your WTCQD Event

Today, most SMART Phones have video capability. If you aren't familiar with it, ask your group/students because you'll find many people are, and are happy to help. It is best to shoot short 2 or 3 minute video segments of your World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event. You can shoot several, but short videos get more views..

Scroll down to see some pretty spectacular video coverage of WTCQD events. Today, many people (young people especially) are into drones, those flying cameras. As you'll see in some of the below videos drones can really add spectacle and drama to your video documentation of your event.

Ask around in your local group to see who knows video using SMART Phones, how to upload video to Youtube, you may find people in your group who know how to Edit Video, or who have drone cameras.  PEOPLE GET EXCITED ABOUT SHARING THEIR SKILLS ... IF you ask them to. 

UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TO YOUTUBE, and send us the Youtube link to your video to, and we'll share them with the world in our global newsletter. AGAIN, if this all sounds strange to you, ask the younger people in your group, or their kids or grand kids. They'll know :-)

SHOOT SHORT INTERVIEWS:  Of course vidoe of your entire group doing Tai Chi or Qigong as part of the worldwide wave of WTCQD is wanted. BUT, also shooting people up close, even just their faces and eyes, or only upper torso, can be nice to give that personal human feel to your event.  ALSO, SHORT INTERVIEWS, asking people things like "How does it feel doing Tai Chi with the entire planet?" or "Do you enjoy being part of a worldwide family of Tai Chi and Qigong on this special day?" ... or whatever questions that you want to ask people. 

If you have someone in your group that can do video editing, merge it all into a moving video to use year round to promote your local classes.

Photo-ing Your WTCQD Event

We get all kinds of photos of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events, some small events, some massive events. But, the quality of your photos does not depend on the size of your event. 

A photographer taking care to frame their videos well, can bring the fun, emotion, and moving drama of your event, playing Tai Chi or Qigong with the whole planet, into the hearts of others. For example, you can shoot a photo of a fairly large  group from far away, with lots of space around them ... and it will make that fairly good sized group look like 3 or 4 people.  On the other hand, if you fill your camera space with people, a small group can look like a huge crowd. 

Also, do not try to get everyone in every photo, take some close ups of people, not just the person, but up closer, their face, their eyes, be artistic. If there are children there doing Tai Chi or Qigong get many shots of the children, close up, from a distance, their eyes, their faces, etc.  Let us see into the soul experience your WTCQD attendees are having. If there are really old people, get them. Get people dressed dramatically, get different races, ethnicities, show us the rainbow of your events. This isn't to exclude anyone, get photos of EVERYONE :-)   

If you have a Facebook Page for your event, or you can make one now, such as "World Tai Chi Day SEATTLE, WA USA" on Facebook, you can upload your event photos there, and send us a link to with "WTCQD Event Photos on FB" in subj. line and we'll share them with the world in our global newsletter.

Describe Your WTCQD Event

Whether you are videoing your WTCQD event to upload to Youtube, or photographing your event to upload your photos to your Facebook Page ... take a few moments to DESCRIBE your event.  We've seen too many WTCQD event videos on Youtube, for example, with no indication of what city, state, or country that event was held in. 

Youtube or Facebook allows you to type descriptions of your events along with the video or photos you upload. Feel free to add names, schools, websites, and also share your heart, what did it mean to you and your group to "play Tai Chi with the entire planet"?  Don't be afraid to open your heart. It is a powerful habit to do that.  World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's motto is "One World ... One Breath" ... does this experience feel moving to you?  We want to hear..

AGAIN, if all this sounds like it is beyond your technical expertise .... REACH OUT to your group, their kids and grand kids.  They will know how to do all of this, and you'll often find they will be EXCITED to show off their expertise by helping you make some really spectacular documentation of your WTCQD event, and then see us share their work with the world.

WTCQD is always held on the "last Saturday of April" each year, 10 am local time, worldwide
scroll down for spectactular video of past events

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day - When the World Children Play to Change the World





Scroll down to see some of the more spectacular video projects involving WTCQD events worldwide:

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (WTCQD)  organizers who have reached out to their students and groups, have often been profoundly surprised to discover photography, videography, and video editing talent existed in their group ... just waiting to be asked to document their local event in amazing ways.. BELOW ARE SOME PROFOUND VIDEO PROJECTS, all spectacular in their own ways for scenery, camera angles, accompanying music, and other creative uniqueness. 
Get ideas on what you can do!

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STUNNING video ... captures profound human art of world tai chi day

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
"One World... One Breath"
beautifully artistic video productions ...

Tehran, Iran



Cairo, Egypt



Havana, Cuba



Kansas City, Birthplace of WTCQD



Porto, Portugal



Vilnius, Lithuania



Puerto Rico








Hong Kong



Perth, Australia
(John Lennon's "Imagine")



New Zealand