The Miracle of Stress

Thriving in the New Millennium
A Guide to Ascending Consciousness from the Modern Plague of Stress - A Self Help Book for You and Your Planet
Is There Purpose to The Growing Pressure We All Feel?
What this book can do for you: a) Provide effective stress management tools
b) Explain how stress is a catalyst to personal, social and global change
c) Paint a vision for positively transforming our lives and our world
Hundreds of millions are now being driven to utilize mind/body tools that were once only used by monks seeking personal transformation. But today, masses are beginning to seek them out in order to survive the stress of the modern digital age, and are finding spiritual breakthroughs an often unintended byproduct.
Will the limitless promise of the digital age be realized as a paradigm shift in human consciousness expands across the globe as billions find enlightenment because of the growing stress plague brought on by the digital age? And will that awakening enable us to use emerging technologies and the abundance they portend to create a life we can all love living?
This book answers these profound questions with a resounding "YES!" In fact, effective mind expanding and stress releasing techniques are peppered throughout the book, to prepare readers for the evolutionary insights and theories within these chapters, in effect making the reader a part of this revolution of consciousness described throughout.
Wake up Neo . . . the matrix has you. -- Morpheus, The Matrix, 1999
Do you sometimes feel you are living helplessly in a matrix, living a life that you do not control? This is an illusion. The life you actually have, if you choose to accept it, is limitless beyond imagination. You can take the red pill and begin to awaken. This book is one of the red pills that can show you a way to move beyond the limitations squeezing down on your heart and mind. But, be prepared to experience just how deep the rabbit hole goes, because in the end you will realize that the world you see is the one you are creating.

Photo by Jonathan Nourok
A book called Flat Land described a one-dimensional world where a flat line of a worm could only move in one direction and its entire world was filled only with the sight of the butt of the worm before it. Then one day this worm turned left, and was amazed to discover an entire two-dimensional reality opening around it. It could turn left and right, go back and forward. Then its journey expanded further, discovering it could actually lift up from the plane of reality into a three-dimensional world and see out over this two-dimensional land. It observed vast possibility beyond what its compatriots could see from below, for the first time observing how unnecessarily constrained their one-dimensional lives had been all along. It could now go up, down, left, right, front and back, turning loops and corkscrews through a seemingly limitless three-dimensional space. When it returned to Flat Land’s one-dimensional world and described what it had seen, it was thought to be insane.
This book takes a risk and lifts beyond the limiting constraints of accepted thought. However, this expansion of possibility is the only frontier left. Our world, once defined by industrial and physical development has now paved the world and linked all of humanity. There is nowhere to expand to, except for that expansion which is within our consciousness. The oil is drilled, the wild lands tamed, and humanity has completely infested the planet. We have all the physical resources tapped, and our imagination is all the frontier we have left, however . . . we have barely begun to tap the limitless resource of imagination.
An example of the potential of imagination's power is our simple desktop computer which can process more information than an entire company could have in the past, saving untold energy and time. It solves problems and retrieves information scurrying at light speed through what once would have required warehouses of files and countless clerks, yet it accomplishes these tasks in a relatively tiny space and in a matter of nanoseconds. These technological advances are only precursors of what is possible, and this book explores how creativity can lift each of us, and all of humanity, beyond our current flatland to begin to corkscrew and freefall into an uncharted future, pregnant with endless possibility.
All the problems of modern life have solutions that can be viewed by each of us, at the moment we lift up beyond the one-dimensional physical reality we define our world with. This book doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but seeks to unleash imagination by describing tiny slivers of insight, tiny hors d'oeuvres to whet your appetite for more, while providing tools to discover the exquisite entrée's of wisdom and pure creativity attempting to expand throughout your own being, from deep within you.
This stretch may cause you to feel stressed. Awakening can be stressful. But ultimately only as stressful as we decide it has to be. For as we'll see, that discomfort of stress is actually helping humanity lift up to see that we are stuck, and unable to realize the true potential of our visions, even as technology is developed to a point where our grandest visions could now be realized. Technology's potential explodes around us, but our vision, our consciousness, is limited. Stuck in times that no longer exist, thinking and operating in 20th century ways in a 21st century world, we are paralyzed with stress. Bill Joy, Chief Scientist for Sun Microsystems, explained precisely why our consciousness can not keep up, when he said, "Life evolved at a biological rate until the advent of humanity. Then human beings accelerated evolution by 1,000 times in the form of social evolution. However, the information age has sped up change exponentially far beyond the rapid change of social evolution, in fact, the speed of technological evolution is doubling every eighteen months."

Image by Paul Bradworth, 1999
Humanity's inability to flow with this bone-jarring level of change is not only blocking our passage to the future, but also creating a modern stress plague responsible for nearly all illness and most death. Using the same synergistic view of reality that enabled him to create a worldwide effort towards personal empowerment, author Bill Douglas weaves a powerful vision that integrates modern physics, metaphysics, environmentalism, sociology, psychology, economics and medicine into . . . a unified theory of hope. Douglas paints a panoramic vision of how this stress crisis is merely a wake up call to enable humanity to evolve into what may be its greatest transformation – an ascent of consciousness.