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Improvement in sex hormone levels for both men and women ...

One consequence of aging is that the levels of sex hormones change in unfavorable directions. For example, female sex hormone (estrogen) levels tend to increase in men and decrease in women. Three studies indicate that qigong exercise can reverse this trend. The effect of qigong exercise on plasma sex hormone levels was determine for hypertensive men and women. The sex hormones levels were measured before and after qigong practice for one year.

Seventy male patients with essential hypertension (ages 40 to 69; disease stage II) were divided into two groups. For the qigong group (n=42), which practice qigong for one year, the estradiol level (E2) decreased from 70.1 to 47.7 pg/ml, a decrease of 32% (p<0.01), while no significant changes occurred in the control group (n=20). The testosterone levels (T) of both groups decreased about 7%. The value of E2 for the qigong group (47.7 pg/ml) approached that of healthy men (42.2±5.8 pg/ml) of the same age but without hypertension or cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, or endocrine diseases (p<0.05).

For women (ages 51 to 67, the number in the group is not available), the aging process was associated with failure of ovarian function manifested by decreased E2 and increased T levels. Qigong practiced one year resulted in an increase of E2 from 40.9±.3.5 to 51.6±3.5 pg/ml, a value about equal to that of normal menopausal controls without hypertension or cardiovascular, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, or endocrine diseases. The value of T was also increased by qigong from 25.5±2.2 to 37.2±2.2 ng/dl.

The favorable changes in estradiol levels, E2, brought about by qigong are summarized in Fig. 3 for both men and women.

-- Qigong Institute

Read entire article.

How Qigong and Tai Chi May Reverse Aspects of Aging.

Increasing the Pituitary Gland's production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Brainwave Research Institute reports on Meditation and HGH production:

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, is the new darling of the rich and famous who will do anything to stay young-looking. Is it the fountain of youth? In a way, yes. And we all need it.

HGH is a naturally produced substance in the body, plentiful during childhood, but steadily decreasing throughout one’s lifetime ...

... researchers are finding increasingly powerful evidence that HGH in the form of injections may have undesirable side-effects ...

In essence, meditation can significantly lower a person’s biological age. There is no need to spend many thousands of dollars on HGH injections to keep your skin youthful, maintain your muscle tone, keep the fat off, and generally feel vital and young. Good nutrition, exercise, and a daily deep meditation practice will do the trick!

Read entire article.

Taoist Nei Gong (Sitting Qigong) Meditation:

Taoist meditation practices refer to the "Crystal Palace," in the center of the skull between forebrain and hindbrain, left hemisphere and right hemisphere, bounded by the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands.

The "sinking" sensation associated with both Tai Chi and Qigong involves a "deep letting go" throughout our being, and this allows the mind to drift into meditative states, allowing a sense of lightness to expand through the body, including the brain.

Scientific research shows us that Tai Chi heals the DNA's frazzled telomeres (which frazzle at the ends with age). We also know that Qigong practitioners' cells live several times longer than typical adults when removed from the body and observed in a petri dish.

The mind-body connection in Tai Chi and Qigong that uses breathing mindfulness and visualization to sense the expansion or flow of Qi through the body and field, can help the brain let go and relax, taking pressure off the pituitary gland, and thereby may be increasing the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Qigong Meditation, which Tai Chi can become one over time, may be a safe and effective way to elevate HGH levels, slow or even reverse aspects of aging, and avoid the negative side-effects of injecting HGH into the body.

* Qigong Tapping between the eyebrows and on the forehead may help stimulate the pituitary.

* Vibrational Qigong Meditations, such as the "6 Healing Sounds" may also do so by allowing vibrations to course through the brain.

* Energy Visualization in
the Pituitary Gland area
may also contribute to this,
such as practiced in
Sitting Qigong, or
Nei Gong Meditation.

* When practicing Moving Qigong Warm Ups, which most Tai Chi styles employee, they can be practiced with eyes closed, taking awareness within, and combining the breath with visualizations of the body relaxing open to Qi, to allow the entire body to be massaged from the feet all the way up into the cranium, which could contribute to this effect as well.

* In time, as the Tai Chi forms are learned and practiced hundreds and thousands of time, the body relaxes around the forms at deeper and deeper levels until more and more of the 50 to 75 trillion cells of the body are massaged by the gentle relaxed motions, including of course in the cranium and the field of the brain itself.

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* NOTE: World Tai Chi & Qigong Day advises consulting your physician before beginning any new exercise, herbal, diet, or health program. The research listed here is meant to stimulate a discussion between you and your physician, health insurance carrier, etc., not as medical advise. Research and comments provided here are hoped to stimulate a more robust discussion of powerful natural mind/body health tools.
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Popular media, health media, and government must increase attention to stunning emerging research, including the UCLA study indicating Tai Chi participants enjoyed a 50% increase in immune system resistance to viral infection.

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