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One World ... One Breath

For nearly two decades, a quiet subtle phenomenon has grown across the planet. Each year, on the "last Saturday of April," in 100s of cities in over 80 nations, spanning 6 continents... World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events have been held around the planet all on the same day.
The event's motto is "One World... One Breath," and in recent years Tai Chi champion, David Dorian Ross (of PBS. tai chi specials fame), and Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (author of a best-selling tai chi book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong," have teamed up to livestream this global phenomenon as it unfolds across the planet... dubbing this livestream project as "24 Hours of World Peace."

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Be a healing part of history!

Join in World Tai Chi & Qigong Day! Last Saturday of April each year (10 am local time worldwide) in 100s of cities, spanning 80 nations, people come together, to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world. Spread the word! WTCQD is April 28, 2018

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Hookup between clinics

The clinic collaborates with the treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of near and far abroad.

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Qualified doctors and medical staff

In order to work in our clinic, our physicians have undergone a lengthy selection process.

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Medical Diagnostic Center ensures comprehensive health care for its patients

– the examination of a wide variety of health conditions


I wanted to say your center exceeded my expectations on my recent visits.

— Kimberly Henderson

Offering personal, convenient and responsive services

We are committed to excellent and complete patient care

Urgent care

Ambulance service staff is able to provide emergency medical care under a variety of conditions.

Diagnostic laboratory

Laboratory constantly develops its services and this allows patients to obtain all necessary results quickly and be confident in their quality.

Vascular studies

Vascular studies are a noninvasive procedure used to assess the blood flow in arteries and veins.