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Balance & Tai Chi

Institute of Chicago indicates that people with moderate balance problems can be helped by practicing T'ai Chi. Participants...of the 2 month course ...experienced about a 10 percent improvement in balance. An Emory University study supports Hain's findings. Prevention Magazine V. 46 Dec. 94 p. 71-72

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Behind tai chi: research shows that tai chi offers a wide spectrum of benefits - American Fitness, July-August, 2002 by Hallie D. Winchell

Researchers at Emory University found tai chi greatly reduces joint swelling and tenderness in osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, thereby improving balance, muscle and hand grip strength. Furthermore, a study of 200 people, in their 70s, found that 15 weeks of tai chi training reduced their risk of falling by 50 percent. By lowering the center of gravity, the positions increase leg strength. (4) Some patients demonstrated more improvement when tai chi was transferred to a water exercise, thereby relieving gravity from their bones and joints. (5)

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