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- Complimentary Therapies for Cancer (Including Chi Kung)

Resolute: Scott Stephens has turned his lifestyle around in his dedication to complementary therapy

Complementing cancer

Sceptics have long scoffed at the role complementary therapy plays in treating cancer, but evidence is mounting that it works. Lynnette Hoffman reports


June 17, 2006

IF you'd asked Scott Stephens's mates six or seven years ago, it's doubtful any would have envisaged the then cabinetmaker as a New Age sort of bloke.

At 23 Stephens was a juicy-steak-loving carnivore who enjoyed a cold stubby after a hard day. But a diagnosis of advanced melanoma followed by multiple operations, bouts of immunotherapy and chemotherapy and three relapses has changed a few things.

Two years ago Stephens began learning the basics of meditation and changing his lifestyle, but it wasn't until about six months later, when the cancer re-emerged in his chest and spread to his pelvis and bowel, that he decided to really get serious.

Today his diet is strictly vegan, all organic, nothing genetically modified, and he doesn't touch alcohol. He meditates for a couple hours a day, exercises daily and practises chi kung, a form of exercise similar to tai chi . . .

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