Neigung (pronounced nooey gong)

. . . the deeper inner journey of raising consciousness
to higher levels through Qigong (Chi Gong) Meditation

Experience an introductory Neigung exercise led by
Bill Douglas, Founder of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day.

On Neigung:

Dr Gunther Weil calls qigong a portal to presence in that..
..there are a great deal of underlying spiritual dimensions to this
art...especially in the areas called "Neigung" (pronounced
"Nooey Goong") or "Secret/Inner arts, that help develop a
deeper state of consciousness since they emphasize inner
cultivation and aa greater emphasis on the Upper Dantian
(at the Third Eye) and the heart/mind (Hsin)...these practices
change qi into shen, as well as a further refinement of shen
into higher levels of soul and spirit...there is also the
emphasis on inner cultivation linking with the outer energies
of a variety of solar, lunar and cosmic forces to develop
Taoist immortality...and, any of this cannot be directly
explained by the intellect! A bottom line conclusion is by
developing energy you also develop the ability to "listen" to
the energy and go into higher spiritual realms through your

A Note from the Founder

My teacher, Master Jennifer Booth, is a true master. Her deepest desire is the highest possible reality we can bring into being for our people, and our world.

She has taught a high level of Neigung, which I was and am lucky enough to benefit from, and pass on in my own limited ability to my students.

Without Master Booth's instruction, World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day would have never entered my mind. I would have been so entangled in the daily struggles of life that such a grand idea of health and healing would have never come into my mind.

Bill Douglas,
Founder of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day

The Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, Bill Douglas, has a new mind-body spiritual thriller novel coming out, 2012 The Awakening. Its publishing company is a proud sponsor of World Healing Day.
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